A RoMan-Style slice joint

The slice joint is a quintessential New York concept. It combines Italian culinary tradition and the buzzy, fast-paced vibe of the Big Apple.

The slice joint, with its casual and informal setting, is a place where people come together. Come in, order your slice and take a seat at the counter or by the window. Or just walk away, your slice in hand, to wherever the night might take you.

With GOLA, we are mixing things up once more. We bring to Copenhagen the inclusive, buzzy vibe of the slice joint, but do that while serving Roman-style pizza, baked in large trays with its unmistakable crispy bottom and freshly made toppings.

Our slices

The Roman-style pizza is a canvas to create on. At Gola, following in the footsteps of some of the best new-generation pizza joints of Italy, we view pizza making as a chef's job just as much as a baker’s job.

Most of the toppings are made in house using organic and locally produced ingredients. Our dough, made with a mix of organic flour from Italy, is left resting for 48 to 72 hours before being baked. Its high water content and low yeast quantity keep it light and highly digestible.

Our Fritti

What does a fried lasagna have to do with pizza? In Rome, it is tradition for the local slice joints to sell “fritti” (fried bites) along with their pizza. At Gola, we love fritti, and we are happy to have brought this wonderful tradition to Copenhagen. All our fried bites come with our home-made “panko”, made from our own pizza bianca.