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CMS vs. Non-CMS Layout

This Webflow project contains two different Link In Bio pages.

The first is connected to the Webflow CMS. This will allow users with a CMS enabled Webflow site to update the user profile information and links whenever they see fit. It is assumed that an experienced Webflow Designer would be implementing this page, and therefore the general styling (fonts, colors, border-radius e.t.c) is not connected to the Webflow CMS.

The second is the same layout, as a standard page where the user profile information and links will need to be set up through the Webflow Designer interface. If you are not hosting on Webflow, this page version is for you.

Class Names

Unique class names have been created to avoid conflicts when adding this page to pre-existing Webflow projects. All styled classes in this project feature 'LIB_' (Link In Bio) before their class names.

SVG Embed Social Icons

The SVG social icons have been embedded into the pages using the Webflow Embed block. This allows for easy colour changes to all social icons.

To change the color of the social icons, edit the font-color of the link block with the class 'LIB_socialLinkIcon'.

Huge appreciation to UXWing for their royalty free, attribution free social media icons used in this project. Need more/different icons? Head over to UXWing and check out what they have to offer.

Sort Order for Links

The CMS connected page has been set up to list the link buttons in order from newest at the top to oldest at the bottom (based on publish date & time). For the initial set up, be sure to add your links into the CMS collection starting from the bottom to the top (reverse order) to ensure they display accurately.